offset and digital printing

offset and digital printing


Business Start-up kit Details
Printing Items:

We provide multiple printing method options as per your convenient.

For Better quality and Affordable Pricing we have design whole package which flourish your Business needs and set mark into marketplace.

1.Minimum qty for letterheads- 1000 (90 gsm)- 2500 INR

2.Minimum qty for visiting Card-1000( 250 gsm)-1200 INR

3.Minimum qty for notebook-100 ( 250 gsm cover+70gsm map-litho inside paper)-3000 INR

4.Minimum qty for calendar-50 (table Top , A5 Size+ Wire-o Wire binding) - 5000 RS

5.Minimum qty for ID Cards-50( with holder+ clip)- 1500 INR

6.Minimum qty for Envelop-1000( 100 gsm , size -DL)- 3000 INR

7.Minimum Desk writing pad-200( 250 gsm cover.100 gsm map-litho inside paper )- 2000 INR

Q: Why Minimum Quantity ?
A: For better printing quality and affordable price Offset Printings is Best option, While Digital Printing costs you more and Don’t give accurate Impression and it is advisable to print up to 100 quantities.

-Get the whole kit delivered to you  in 17000 INR+GST 

-you can choose individual items from this list and order us.
-We also provide Foil printing, embossing , 3D printing 

Note: For additional Printing methods charges will be extra

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